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Stump Grinding

Are you wondering if you need to grind your tree stumps?  Curious if there is an advantage to grinding your stumps?  If you answer yes to any of the following then give Gordon’s Tree Service a call.
  • A rotting stump can be a haven for all types of insects.
  • A wide root system can threaten sidewalks and foundations.
  • A stump could cause a trip and fall with possible injury.
  • It would make cutting the grass much easier.
  • You wouldn’t damage the mower by running over the stump.
  • A rotten stump can just plain be an eyesore.
  • Chemicals can take months to years to work.

Let Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service provide you with our stump removal services.  We can take care of any size stump anywhere on your property. 

We will be happy to grind those unsightly stumps that you’ve been looking at for months and we will also remove them when we cut your tree down. 

We have top of the line stump grinding machine designed to fit thru a 36 inch gate.  The stump shaving will be left for you to reuse as mulch in other gardens, or we could haul them away for an extra charge.

Let us know what your intentions are for the area where the stump is, so if you are intending to re-plant we can be sure to grind the stump and the whole root system.