Identifying Various Hazards

Trees do offer lots of value to your home and business.  Of course, they can become a huge liability if they fall and injure someone or damage your property.  By reducing hazards in your trees you insure safety to your property and persons.  As well as it will beautify and may also prolong the life of your tree.

Although trees are a very important part of the environment and our lives, trees can be very dangerous.  Trees in whole or part have the potential of breaking or falling injuring people or damaging property. 

It is the responsibility of a property owner to ensure the safety of the trees on their property.  Continued maintenance of your trees will help to identify hazards in your trees.  After you pinpoint the hazard in your tree, it needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent possible injury or damage to your property.  If it is not taken care of timely you could have a potential liability on your hands.

Trees that are near utility lines can also be potential hazards.  Falling limbs onto power lines can cause fires, outages, surges, and many other hazards.  A tree with the possibility of falling on the power lines should be addressed immediately.


Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service can provide you with professional services to handle any hazards you may have on your property making it safer by reducing the risks for you and your neighbors.  We will be happy to have our licensed Arborist walk over the property with you to help you will all your questions.