Crane Services

Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service offers a NO IMPACT to your yard. We can achieve this by using a top of the line crane.

By using a crane for your tree removals, it keeps the tree from impacting your yard.  Under normal climbing circumstances tree removal can cause ruts in the ground.  This can be avoided with the crane.Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service owns a Terex 90 foot, 18-ton crane.  We do not have to hire or contract out a crane for your needs.  This provides you with a more affordable job than that of someone who contracts out the crane.

We employ professional crane operators who have the expertise to get the job down safely and efficiently.  Having a skilled crane operator is also important because it really is more complex than traditional tree climbing.

Let us know what our crane can do for you.

Please give our experts at Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service a call to discuss the NO IMPACT options that are available.

Cranes have many other uses, both commercial and residential, other than just with tree services.  For instance with boats, motors, sheds, cars, etc.