Cabling and Bracing

Cabling a large tree would be necessary if you were looking to help save it from decay or twisting during a storm causing damage to property. 

In the majority of cases the survival rate is very high.   However, the sooner you have the tree braced and cabled does factor in the survival rate.

Cables are left on the tree until the trees’ roots have had a chance to re-root.  Most of the time this is about a six month period depending on the time of year.

Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service does this by saturating the ground to keep from causing addition damage to the root system, then winch or crane tree to an upright position.  Next cables are attached to the tree, which goes to rods that are implanted into the ground that holds the tree in place.

Do you have a small to medium or decorative tree that may be uprooting due to high winds or other?  We can help. doing tree Bracing.  Contact Us for more information and a quote.

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If you are in need of bracing a tree, Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service is available to help you out.

Call our experts at Gordon’s Tree and Crane Service to see what option best suites your needs.

For example if you have a Live Oak Tree that is split due to excessive weight or winds, Cabling would be the best solution to save your tree.  If this was a Water Oak Tree, trimming or removal would probable be best because Water Oaks tend to hollow much quicker that Live Oak Trees.

In most cases trimming your large tree might be a better route to take for the health of your tree and your pocketbook.